Elaine’s Eerie Experience – A True Story
Posted on June 9, 2017 in Corrections, Cosmetic Tattooing, Eyebrows

As mentioned before in previous social media posts and blog articles, I can never emphasize enough how important it is to do your due diligence when looking for a micro-blading/cosmetic technician.

Take Elaine Tong’s experience last week. She wrote to us a few days ago, almost immediately after she got her brows done by an inexperienced beauty technician:


Hi there! I really would like to write a testimonial/review for you.

I feel it’s something people need to hear/read. Where can I send it?

I want to write about the hard lesson I learned today. I usually come

to you, but a friend said her friend would do my brows (microblading)

for at cost, as long as I allow my pics taken etc. And because it’s a

good friend, I agreed. I thought: how bad could it be? At least it’s

not permanent.


Long story short, I was horrified. This new “makeup technician” actually

thought she could compare herself with higher end. Her

sterilizer looked like my grandma’s toaster oven. I did not see

anything that was brand new or in sterilization pouches though. Blade

and handle was randomly placed on top of paper towel, resting on

couch, or small plastic tray on wheels (those $10 organizer trays

you’d find in some dollar plus stores). There were gloves that were

“inside out”, and carelessly shoved back into the box, with the new

gloves. She wore the same pair of gloves while adjusting legs of the

bed/chair, briefly going outside of her “studio” touching outdoor

door handles, then back to the client, throughout procedure. Upon first

greeting clients, the “makeup technician” openly said she didn’t

have the “good numbing cream,” that it hasn’t arrived yet, but the

one she has now is just a bit weaker. She did not know the difference

between numbing creams, the medical ingredient in each, the different

uses and uses one that can not be used on open cuts. Which lead to

major stinging and redness. Her color sealing ointment also causes

major stinging and pain. Which she said was “normal.” Please don’t

let me get started on the outcome of how the eyebrows turned out. Let’s

just say: you can not spend just a few minutes doing measurements,

and then “eye” the rest. Or just sit there and not get up

throughout procedure to view the client’s brows from different angles. 

These are just some the horrors. I can go on.


These are the people who are popping up everywhere nowadays, doing

microblading procedures. THIS is why YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET.

Now, victims would need to spend even more now, to have their brows

corrected. And pray it CAN be corrected!

  • Elaine M. Tong

While being able to reassure Elaine and by letting her know that botched brows can be corrected, this sadly has been the new norm and is now a regular scenario that we’ve constantly been seeing and hearing about:

  1. A friend’s friend offers the best deal in the world
  2. Client agrees because they can’t let that offer get away
  3. Outcome and results? Varies and includes anything from awful experiences, pain and suffering and of course, poorly drawn, semi-permanent uneven brows
  4. Panic mode sets in then the client suffers from stress from the horror and embarrassment
  5. They usually Google the sh*t on “how to correct botched eyebrows”
  6. Then, eventually realize that it has cost them more time and money to fix a bad mistake and decision

And please, don’t by any means get us wrong – we are more than happy to fix your brows for you of course and are not complaining! But, we simply want you to look beautiful without going through the procedure twice, and having spent all the extra time and money when it could’ve been prevented ?  

If you are a victim of poorly micro-bladed brows, keep breathing! We are always here to help, and more importantly, can walk you through the proper corrective procedures in a clean, safe environment. And also, if you are desperate to lessen the impact on the darkness of your brows, try applying some Retinol-A! This ointment causes your skin to flake but it resurfaces new skin cells faster, therefore, helps naturally fade the pigment that you’re trying to hide ? Now that’s a good #TipThursday


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  1. Elaine Tong /

    This is Elaine, aka the victim. There’s so much more to my horror story. The “bad job” had healed, into red eyebrows. Yes, I had walked around with red eyebrows. It was supposed to be dark brown. Not to mention, one was higher than the other.
    I’m so disappointed at myself. At one point, as I was looking in the mirror, trying to not to cry, I thought…I can’t believe I did this to my face! And what it the blade or instruments were dirty?!! I risked SO much just to save some $$?! This is my FACE! It shouldn’t be compromised at all!
    If others have been through similar experiences, please tell me.

    I am just so grateful, so thankful​ for Tuyen, Face Studio.

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