It’s Touchup Time!
Posted on September 8, 2017 in Cosmetic Tattooing, Touchups

A touchup is simply a quick restoration or improvement made to the appearance or state of your eyebrows, eye liner or lips.

There are many advantages of coming in for your annual touchup:

  • Cost – At The Face Studio, we offer an Annual Touchup Price for clients who have visited us for a cosmetic tattooing service. So, as long as you don’t pass your one-year anniversary, you qualify for that special price! Many places in the marketplace actually charge full price for EVERY visit customers make.
  • Less Expensive – there’s also the fact that in the long run, it is cheaper for our customers to come in annually as opposed to visiting every few years. If clients choose to come in after the 3-year mark, it becomes the same cost as booking a new pair of brows, or a set of lips. (Eyeliner customers have up to 4 years to book another touchup before the cost becomes full price.)
  • Maintenance – remember, cosmetic tattooing is semi-permanent. Your body metabolizes the pigment so it’s very important to receive your yearly touch-ups as maintenance so your service doesn’t appear faded. We can kind of view it like visiting the dentist – go for those cleaning appointments on a regular basis to prevent cavities, and other major dental work $$$!
  • Refresh – depending on the colour used, environmental factors such as the sun and iron deficiency, for example, could affect the tone of your tattooing job. Annual touch ups will enhance the colour again.
  • Modify – It’s normal for cosmetic tattoos, especially eyebrows, to lose their definition, shape and boldness as the years go by. When receiving your touchup, we can redefine and adjust your shape, colour and stroke density at your yearly fills.
  • Convenience – you can always pre-book your touchup session(s) so you don’t miss out on the price break!

Now that you know the importance of touchups, book online now and we’ll see you soon!

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