Susan M. (Toronto, ON)
I have had my brows done and ‘butchered’ about 4 times in the last few years. Each clinic that I find says they can fix my brows but always ends up making them worse and costing too much. Just when I thought I had given up on searching for a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist, I came across The Face Studio’s webpage and saw her extensive and impressive photo gallery of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. If I had found her sooner I wouldn’t have gone through all the agony from the last 3 clinics I visited here in Toronto to have my brows ‘corrected’. It was easy to make a trip out to BC as I have friends and family out there so sure enough I booked an appointment and finally got my brows to look the way I wanted and felt comfortable. I hope all the women who are suffering and unhappy with their current cosmetic tattooed brows knows that they can be fixed if you do your research and find the right person. I am so happy with your work and service!

Thank you!

Christine B. (Calgary, AB)
I am in my 50s and have spent the last 10 years trying to find someone who could remove my many unsightly spots (large, dark and 80 in number). I have not been in public in a bathing suit in years. I have lost my confidence. I sourced out numerous dermatologists and skin doctors and most of them said they couldn’t do anything for me or wanted to charge me $1000-$1500 to remove my 80 skin tags on my entire body. I was referred to The Face Studio by a friend who had some eyebrows done by Tuyen and discovered that she could fix my problem in one treatment for about $400. I booked a trip out to BC just to see her and was not disappointment on any level. I now can make eye contact in my bathing suit and feel like I have won the lottery! I will be forever grateful for this visit to Vancouver BC. I hope everyone with my problem finds their way to your office.

Thank you Face Studio for brining back my confidence!

Kaila C. (Surrey, BC)
Tuyen at the Face Studio is absolute face saver. I have always struggled to grow proper, full, eyebrows, and for years have spent my mornings in front of a mirror stenciling them in so I can look and feel normal. It’s not just the time, but spending the money on pencils, the stress and frustration of trying to make it as natural as possible and of course the self-conscious feelings. I decided to look into permanent brow make-up. During my first attempt I thought I did all my proper research, found someone who came recommended and whom I felt could fix my problem. I was wrong. This initial foray into permanent brow makeup was a disaster. The technician didn’t take the time to study my face, and consequently made my brows very lopsided. I felt ridiculous. I found myself spending the next year in the exact same routine; covering up with make-up, redrawing the brows altogether, and spending even more time at the mirror than before. I was angry, even more self- conscious, and because of it, I couldn’t enjoy activities that could potentially smear my brow pencil. It was so incredibly refreshing when a year later I discovered the Face Studio and Tuyen. I got to experience how a true professional operates. Tuyen took the time to meet with me, listened to me, explained in detail the muscles in my face, and made a plan to correct the previous disaster. She was able to remove the offending pigment to equal out my facial lines and then create a whole new set of brows that suits my face. It’s not just her personality and professionalism but her skill as well; she gave me the perfect look! I can honestly say I love the look of my brows. Aside from eliminating the excessive morning routine, they’ve also boosted my confidence. I am excited to do simple things like swimming and I no longer have to worry about the stares of people wondering what was off with my face or why I had such sparse brows.

Thank you Tuyen, you’re absolutely incredible!

Joanna S. (Vancouver, BC)
I have been in and out of many cosmetic tattoo practitioners’ offices and have had no luck with the correction of my poorly done brows and eye tattoos. I went with Tuyen after many consultations with others because she was able to answer all my questions and gave me a few options as to how my eyes and brows could have been ‘fixed’.  Thank you for your patience as I know I was extremely picky and difficult (I had a good reason to be as I had almost lost all hope in permeant makeup). The removal and colour correction was painless and effective. I now finally feel confident about my face again and can look people in the eye. I love my new beautiful natural brows. Anyone who has had a botched job by another practitioner please don’t lost hope.. call The Face Studio and you won’t regret it.  I can’t believe that it was that easy for me to get back to feeling good about myself.
Rose P. (Vancouver, BC)
I didn’t know that removing my skin tags and age spots would be so affordable and easy. I used to spend about $600 each visit to my dermatologist to remove my many dark spots. It was simply too expensive for what it was worth.  After seeing The Face Studio only one time, the age spots on my cheeks and hands are gone and my skin feels like new again. As you age things just seem to appear on your skin making you feel even older. Removing these spots made me look and feel about 20 years younger. Thank you for giving my youth back.
Eva S. (Burnaby, BC)
The Face Studio is the best ever!!! I’ve had all their services and am extremely glad I chose Tuyen because I have never had services with a more professional, friendly and generous person. I paid more money for broken capillary removal with my surgeon than for Tuyen to remove all the broken capillaries from my whole body. I couldn’t believe how fast, easy and inexpensive it was. Tuyen also did my eye and lip tattoos and generously did touchup after touchup until I was satisfied. Lastly, I also did skin needling with Tuyen (if you don’t know what that it you have to look it up, the results are amazing) and am already very happy with the result even though we aren’t even done. You wont be sorry for choosing her.

Thank you!!