Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Cosmetic Tattoo Technician
Posted on November 30, 2016 in News

Since the article that CTV put forth about the safety on micro-blading and its risks, found here, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to speak to it from our point of view.

While we agree with Courtney Hesketh, Environmental Health Operations Manager for B.C.’s Interior Health Authority, when she says that customers considering micro-blading should be cautious about where they go for their procedure, it really is up to the individual to do their due diligence and to do their homework.

So for that reason, here are our top 10 questions you should ask your potential eyebrow/cosmetic tattoo technician before you make your decision:


  1. Are they a certified technician who specializes in these treatments and perform them on a full-time basis? And if they are certified, by who? If they are a professional in another field (IE. Nail aesthetician, hair stylists, massage therapist, etc.) and they just learned how tattoo on the side and are only doing it on a part-time basis, can you really trust them?
  2. Are they licensed by the city or able to operate a business in the city they reside in?
  3. Are they fully insured? What happens if there is a liability issue?
  4. Are they Fraser Health/Coastal Health approved?
  5. How experienced is this technician? Have you asked how many clients they’ve actually had?
  6. Do they have a website, before/after images or any reviews that you can learn more about their business?
  7.  Do they meet government sterilization standards? What kind of needles/equipment are used?
  8. Are you signing a release form or a waiver to fully understand the risks involved and their processes?
  9. Is there an opportunity to sit down for a full consultation to answer any of your questions? Do they provide you with post aftercare tips and information?
  10. Have you done your own research about cosmetic tattooing?


Yes, there are certainly more and more businesses out there that offer cosmetic tattooing – you can even find some that provide tattooing services for a couple hundred dollars, but let’s consider that infamous term here: you get what you pay for. Some individuals aren’t fully aware of proper sterilization procedures and aren’t experienced enough to provide expert advice for proper aftercare to prevent infections. Legitimate home-based businesses aren’t the problem, it is the crucial knowledge that some of these businesses lack.

So before making your decision on where to go for your cosmetic tattooing service, just be sure to do your research, utilize common sense and go with your gut instincts, and try to get a chance to get to know your technician during a consultation to establish trust and to let them know exactly what you want for your service.

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