Cosmetic Tattooing (Semi-permanent makeup)

Also known as ‘Micro-pigmentation, Permanent makeup or Medical tattooing’, this form of semi-permanent makeup is a procedure of implanting coloured pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create lasting cosmetic effects. It can be used for camouflaging imperfections such as discoloration or scarring, or simply to escape the daily application required with traditional makeup routines by mimicking the appearance of real makeup.

List of options:

  • Hair-stroke Eyebrow tattooing (Also known as: feathering/micro-blading/embroidery/3D eyebrows)
  • Top & Bottom Eyeliner (natural)
  • Top & Bottom Eyeliner (designer)
  • Top Eyeliner Only
  • Bottom Eyeliner Only
  • Beauty Mark
  • Lip Contour (liner)
  • Lip Blusher (liner + shading)
  • Full Lips (liner + colour fill)
  • Colour correction
  • Eyelash enhancement

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