• For the first week:
      • Use the provided Vitamin A&D ointment for aftercare 3 times a day (lubrication helps maximize the retention of colour)
    • After the initial week:
      • To lubricate the area you can use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil just to name a few.


    • Preventing infection:
      • Use clean Q-tips to apply the ointment.
      • Do not use any cosmetics on the affected area
        • It may clog the pores and cause discomfort
      • Keep fingers and hair away from the newly treated area
        • Germs may be transmitted and can cause infection
      • Do not peel or pick the itchy healing area
        • If itchy use a cool cotton pad and dab then pat dry
      • Avoid sun exposure/ UV rays for up to 6 weeks to prevent fading and premature exfoliation of the skin
      • Avoid excessive sweating sweat that enters an open wound can lead to infection avoid any strenuous activity that involves this. If it happens do not be alarmed just clean the area thoroughly
    • Preventing Fading or Loss of Colour:
      • Keep the area lubricated with the ointment.
        • For the first week AVOID: steam (baths, facials, hot tubs), heat (sun, sweating, heavy cooking), direct water exposure (stand backwards in the shower, wash face with a cloth around the area, salt water).
    • Preventing fever & blisters (Lips)

Take Laciness Tablets / Granules (non-prescription) or Zovirax / Valtrax (prescription) 5 days prior to the procedure.


This will vary depending on how sensitive your skin is.  A good indication of how your skin will react to permanent makeup is to compare it with what your skin normally looks like after you receive any kind of skin irritation (vaccination, bug bite, or cut).  Water retention or salt intake the day of or prior to the procedure may also affect how much swelling you have.

  • Eyeliner:  the eyelid may be red, puffy or swollen similar to what you may experience after a good cry.
  • Eyebrow: you may feel tightness in the area or have a slight headache.
  • Lips: your lip will feel extremely tender and sensitive. You will experience chapped and possibly swollen lips.


It is normal for a large amount of the pigment to exfoliate off during the first week of the healing process (Brows: 20%-30%, Eyeliner: 40%-50%, Lips: 60%-70%). The affected area will be bold for one week, appear too light following the flaking stage, as the true size and colour doesn’t fully settle/surface until week 4-6 (even though it will appear to be healed by day 7).  Continue to use aftercare products until you return for your touch-up treatment.

Excessive Swelling

Although rare, excessive swelling or an allergic reaction may occur. If excessive swelling occurs, you should consult your doctor. If an allergic reaction causes difficulty in breathing and/or swallowing, call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately!

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